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Used in over 60 countries, Westlaw International is built on a vast global library of the world's best legal, news and business information and is designed to help you find information, fast. Case law, legislation, law reviews, treaties, directories and much more. Access content from providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, Ellis Publications, Carswell and Westlaw. Increase the speed and efficiency of research, so that you can dedicate more of your time to your clients.

Australia Canada European Union Hong Kong United Kingdom United States
Hong Kong USA Canada United Kingdom European Union Australia
  • Case law collectionby 150 years of edditorial expertise with dockets, pleadings and briefs
  • Annotated legislation
  • Over 700 journals and law reviews
  • Treatises on a wide variety of legal issues and American Jurisprudence
  • Westlaw Topical Highlights (a current awareness service), for selected topical areas and a large collection of law reviews, practice texts and treaties
  • Supreme Court of Canada and Privy Council decisions from 1876
  • Federal Court decisions reported in the Federal Court Reports from 1971
  • Exchequer Court decisions up until 1970
  • Federal Trial Reports from 1977
  • Quebec decisions of national importance as well as Quebec Court of Appeal decisions from 1986
  • Carswell's Topical Law Reports series
  • Topical full-text legislation (Criminal, Family, Insolvency and Securities law)
  • Statutes from 1267 (fully consolidated)
  • Cases from 1865
  • Journals and law reviews by Sweet & Maxwell
  • Plus value-added references to cited cases, secondary resources and other contextual information for UK case law and legislation, by Sweet & Maxwell
  • Official Journal L and C series, and European Court Reports all with substantial additions and editorial enhancements
  • Links to PDF files presenting Official Journal records since 1998 in their original format
  • Treaties
  • International agreements
  • Legislation and proposed legislation
  • Case law
  • Tables and annexes not available in EUR-Lex
  • Australian Case Collection (from 1903)
  • Australian Securities and Investments
  • Commission (ASIC)
  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
  • Takeovers Panel Decision, releases and Rules and Policy
  • Hong Kong Case Digests (from 1985) and Hong Kong Unreported Cases Alert Service (from 1999)
  • Full-text case reports from Hong Kong Courts
  • Hong Kong Legislation
  • Hong Kong White Book on Civil Procedure


  • Cases and statutes from Australia, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Over 11,000 international news sources in the fully searchable NewsRoom area, including The Lawyer and The Economist
  • Over 1,000 journals including the European Competition Law Review and the Harvard Law Review
  • Case Citator, which provides full citation history for cases to assist in identification of a case’s precedential authority
  • StatutesPlus which lets you find, read and interpret statutes quickly and efficiently
  • WestClip, an alerts service which allows you to monitor legal journals, events and breaking news