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United States content on Westlaw International

The United States Primary Law Library covers the entire body of federal case law, statutes and regulations, as well as every state’s case law, statutes and other state-specific jurisdictional materials. With access to this information in one online environment, you can bring the laws into sharper focus.


Federal Case Law

U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. District Courts and specialised case law.

United States Code Annotated

Titles 1-50, the Constitution, Federal Court Rules notes of decisions for current coverage of cases construing and applying federal statutory law.

Hyperlinked text to case law that supports all aspects of a specific Code section.

Code of Federal Regulations

Full text of all general and permanent rules of federal executive departments and agencies.

Federal Register

Same-day coverage of the actions of federal departments and agencies, as well as proposed and promulgated amendments to CFR sections.

State Materials

Cases, annotated statutes and administrative law and court rules, plus corporate and limited partnership records (where available).

State law reviews and journals, plus other specialized materials relevant to your specific jurisdiction. All integrated with KeyCite, so you can be confident you’re citing good law.

West Key Number System

The West Key Number System classifies American law into more than 400 topics – 100,000 subtopics – relating to persons, property, contracts, torts, crimes, remedies and government, accelerating research efficiency by directing you to specific points of law.

Case Synopses and Headnotes

West case synopses and headnotes summarise the facts, issues, procedural history, holdings and disposition of a decision – information otherwise scattered throughout the opinion. Synopses and headnotes contain terms that may not have been used by the authoring judge, including terms of art and words that describe legally significant relationships among parties (e.g., landlord and tenant, husband and wife). As a result, a Westlaw search can retrieve relevant cases that an opinion-only search might miss.

Annotated Statutes

Statutory Credits show you citations to session laws from which a statute was derived. Furthermore, historical and statutory notes reveal the history of a statute which may be significant in its construction and application. Notes of Decisions provides you with quick summaries of cases interpreting or applying the statute in question.