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Australian content on Westlaw International

With Westlaw International, you don’t simply get legal content replicated online. You also get clever functionality and time-saving tools that increase your efficiency and get you to the information you need, fast.



Know exactly what you’re looking for?
Use the Find service and input a document citation.

Unsure where to start?
Broaden your search to several databases at once or browse the Directory. Or if you prefer, you can choose between searching for terms in desired proximity or simply posing your question in plain English.

Focus your searches, increase your efficiency

Do you regularly run searches in a particular area of law? Westlaw International allows you to personalise your home screen by choosing the search fields and databases that are displayed. This means you can refine your searches and bring back only the information you know will be relevant. It’s just another way we’re helping you save time.

Customised research tabs

Research tabs are organisational tools that help you focus your research.

Using research tabs, you can quickly search within a particular topic, content set or jurisdiction. You can customise which tabs sit at the top of your screen to ensure you get direct access to the databases of your choice on a daily basis.

Take your research further

For laws of Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the U.S., you can take your research one step further by linking from the primary laws to analysis and related materials.

Analysis documents include the current status of the law as well as links to related and cited documents.

Direct links to Primary Law

One of the best parts about Westlaw International is that all content is linked.

When a case references a piece of legislation, there will be a direct link to it. When a case cites another case, you can link straight to it. This means your research is seamless and you waste no time performing additional searches.

Monitor news and legal developments with WestClip

Use the WestClip service to search thousands of news and business databases for legal, political, and business news; monitor settlements and verdicts relating to your practice area; and track new cases, legislation, regulations, and standards.

WestClip runs Terms and Connectors searches automatically, at intervals selected by you, e.g., daily or weekly, and delivers the result to your email inbox or directly to your printer.


  • Continually monitor worldwide information critical to your practice area
  • Track new legislation, regulations and standards
  • Stay up to date on global industry developments
  • Monitor important international events and activities that affect your clients
  • Stay on top of legal developments
  • Monitor international trade agreements
  • Protect patent and trademarks by automatically searching for infringements



  • Case law
  • Legislative sources
  • Newspapers from around the world
  • General business news
  • International trade magazines and newsletters
  • International scientific and technical journals
  • International trademark and patent sources
  • International legal journal and law review articles