Canadian content on Westlaw International

Westlaw International delivers an extensive collection of case law, legislation, regulations, court rules, texts, law reviews, and other legal periodicals, plus news and business information from Canada.


Case Law

Full-text case law and digested case summaries from the Canadian Abridgment can be found quickly and easily.

Cases from the federal and provincial courts in all the jurisdictions of Canada as well as Canadian cases from different topics including criminal, insolvency, family and many more.


Complete framework of the law with all the federal, provincial and territorial statutes currently in force in Canada, including legislation not yet in force. These are classified either by province or by topic.

Regulatory Materials

A complete database with both an English and French version of federal regulation currently in force in Canada from the Consolidated Regulations of Canada, including new and revised regulations from the Canada Gazette.

Provincial regulations as well as specific regulations on Environmental, Health, and Safety Laws and Regulations.

Canadian Court Rules

Rules of procedure governing court proceedings on both a federal and provincial level.

Canadian Intellectual Property

A series of databases dedicated to Intellectual Property Law.

Canadian Legal Texts

Key texts from Canada to help you put the law into practice and become familiar with unfamiliar areas of Canadian law.

Canadian Law Reviews and Other Legal Periodicals

Full-text articles from law reviews, bar journals, case law reporters and other legal periodicals.