European Union

European Union content on Westlaw International

Westlaw International offers a comprehensive European Union library, delivering the most-up-to-date and easy-to-search legal documents from ELLIS Publications, a Thomson Reuters business. It includes European Union legislation, court decisions, regulatory materials, parliamentary measures and treaties, giving you global coverage with a local service.


  • Decisions from both the European Communities’ Court of Justice and Court of First Instance decisions
  • Caselaw Locator, which summarises important EU decisions, listing cited cases and legislation and providing citations to cases, direct history and negative indirect history
  • Attorney-General opinions, court orders and judgments reported by the Office of Official Publications and included in European Court Reports
  • Legislative acts and treaties of the Council of the European Union, European Parliament, and European Commission, as reported in the Official Journal of the European Community L Series
  • Draft legislation, including COM final documents, Parliament’s legislative and budgetary initiatives, and opinions of the Economic and Social Committee and Committee of the Regions on legislative proposals
  • Written questions from members of Parliament to the European Commission and Council and answers, as published in the Official Journal C Series valid up to 2004
  • Court of Justice orders and judgments covered by the Official Journal C Series
  • Official Journal C Series with information, notices, and non-binding acts of the Council (resolutions, declarations, and communications); operative part of court judgments; texts of Commission proposals published daily; minutes of parliamentary meetings; Court of Auditors reports; competition notices for recruitment by EU institutions; public contracts for food aid and more
  • Treaties concluded between member states that constitute the legal framework of the European Communities, including founding, accession, and supplementary treaties