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For when your work extends to the UK, we’ve linked Westlaw UK and Westlaw International to help you work better and excel at every stage of your research and analysis.

By combining the advanced functionality and wide range of UK and EU content on Westlaw UK, with the global reach of Westlaw International, we can help you go further with your research.

Westlaw international - working together

  • Enhanced functionality, so you can find what you’re looking for with speed and accuracy through an easy-to-use interface,
  • Over 350,000 case reports and transcripts dating back to 1220. Legislation consolidated dating back to 1267, and updated daily. Over 100 journals and news updates from over 1,000 sources.
  • Full coverage of EU legal materials provided by EUR-Lex, the official database of the EU. Ellis Publications’ enhanced EU data also included.

For more information about how Westlaw UK can help you make the difference, download the brochure or contact us.